What You Eat Matters. Where It Comes From Matters More.

One of my favorite Daily Harvest options is their new Kale + Coriander Flatbread with a Sweet Potato Crust. The sweet potato comes from a 300-acre small family farm in New Jersey. In order to support a more sustainable food ecosystem, Daily Harvest helped the farm transition from conventional to organic and they are now USDA Organic certified. It’s farms like these that account for the 5-percent of ingredients in Daily Harvest’s products that are not yet organic. By investing in transitional organic, Daily Harvest helps make the three-year, cost-and labor-intensive process a little bit easier for the farmers in hopes of increasing the accessibility of organic for all. The sweet potatoes are frozen right on the farm so they’re never anything less than perfectly fresh. (And, on the subject of freezing, all of Daily Harvest’s ingredients are frozen this way, which not only allows produce to reach its full nutritional potential and maximum flavor by ripening on the vine, but also locks in nutrients and flavor at the source and cuts down on the amount of waste that happens in my kitchen).

Kale + Coriander Flatbread

Lastly, unlike other companies that ship food to your door, Daily Harvest does a lot to mitigate their footprint. They don’t use any Styrofoam to ship (instead, they use recycled blue jeans as insulation!), and they’re working toward 100 percent compostable and recyclable packaging, made from plant-based renewable fiber that breaks down naturally instead of sitting in the landfill for generations. Bonus: that same packaging is soft, light, and oh so smooth…I almost forget that there’s breakfast (or lunch, dinner, or dessert) inside.

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