Weekly Web Roundup: Sept. 28-Oct. 2, 2020

The 2020 election is just over a month away, and our Arts Action Fund’s #ArtsVote campaign to Make Your Vote Count is in full swing! If you missed it this week, watch a webinar with Executive Director Nina Ozlu Tunceli and leaders from several state arts agencies discussing state-by-state voting rules and what educational activities nonprofits can do to get the vote out. Also this week, learn more about the economic power of the arts in rural communities, meet fellow #AFTAmember Kathy Hsieh of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, and explore our newly redesigned interactive results dashboard for the Profile of Local Arts Agencies.


Member Profile: Kathy Hsieh by Abigail Alpern Fisch
Kathy Hsieh is the Cultural Partnerships and Grants Manager at the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, overseeing investments funding, and racial equity opportunities for community. Kathy shared with us her insights about how she became involved with the arts, her office’s response to COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as her recommendations for arts leaders looking to promote cultural and racial equity in their work.

The Rebuilding Power of The Arts in Rural Communities by Randy Cohen
Not only are the arts big business, but they are a proven rural economic development tool. Two-thirds of rural business leaders report that arts and entertainment are vital to attracting and retaining workers, providing the talent that businesses need to thrive. As leaders position their states for a post-pandemic recovery, new research shows why the arts should be looked to as an essential tool in both economic recovery and reconnecting all communities.

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Data at your Fingertips: Presenting the New Profile of Local Arts Agencies Dashboard
Earlier this year, Americans for the Arts released the results of the 2019 Profile of Local Arts Agencies, a comprehensive survey that tracks the budgets and programs of over 600 local arts agencies in the United States. Now, our newly redesigned interactive dashboard allows users to view the results of the survey, compare findings to previous years, and filter results based on demographics, making it easy to find the information needed for data-driven decisions.


ArtsVote: Make Your Vote Count Campaign State by State
Hear from Nina Ozlu Tunceli, executive director of our Arts Action Fund, plus leaders from Texans for the Arts, ArtPride New Jersey, Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, Arts North Carolina, and Arts Wisconsin to learn the latest state-by-state voting rules and deadlines, what educational activities a nonprofit charity can do to get the vote out, and how organizations can partner in the “Make Your Vote Count” campaign and access Shepard Fairey’s engaging ArtsVote illustrations (pictured above).

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