Weekly Web Roundup: May 18-22, 2020

It’s been a busy week heading into the holiday weekend! On ARTSblog, we began a series introducing you to 11 exemplary artists who are transforming their communities, and found inspiration for the challenging road to recovery from arts & culture chief executives. On ArtsU, we learned about the power of crowdfunding for individuals and organizations. Meanwhile on Capitol Hill, we’re watching the evolution of the next coronavirus relief package, which may have an impact on the arts field. We’re also interested in hearing from anyone who has applied for funding from the first relief bill, the CARES Act—your experiences can help us tell Congress what’s needed the next time around.


Spotlight on 2020 Johnson Fellowship Nominees: Celebrating How Artists Transform Communities
A new series celebrates the 11 music artists who were the exemplary 2020 Johnson Fellowship nominees. Vastly different in their artistry, each artist in their own right is advancing community, civic, and social goals.

Inspired by Recovery Efforts
Arts and culture chief executives from the around the world are digging in, planning for recovery through the COVID-19 crisis. From what I’ve seen of the efforts of the 75 executives I’ve worked with recently, I’ve been inspired.

News Room

Share Your Story with the CARES Act Arts Funding Tracker
If you have applied for CARES Act funding, please help us collect data on the process and whether you were successful. This will help Americans for the Arts quickly inform Congress and other decision-makers how the CARES Act impacted the arts sector—and what the needs are for the future.

COVID-19’s Impact on The Arts: Research & Tracking Update May 18, 2020
Americans for the Arts continues its tracking of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the arts through its four national studies. Nearly every arts organization has postponed or outright cancelled performances, exhibitions, and events, and a bewildering 62 percent report they have become fully unemployed because of the crisis.

Join the National Arts Drive June 6, 2020
The 10-city, 3-hour long community event taking place Saturday, June 6 across the U.S. will allow local artists to showcase their work, wares, and performances at a distance, while the public is invited to drive or ride down their city blocks and suburban streets to experience and support the art.

U.S. House Moves First on Next Relief Package
While the Republican-led Senate and the White House have indicated they are not interested in passing another COVID-19 relief package yet, there will likely be some key components of this bill that arts advocates would like to see survive a negotiated House-Senate relief compromise package.


Shifting Power Through Crowdfunding
With the growth of crowdfunding as a sources for arts and culture funding, it can be hard to know where to start. Hear from partners who worked together to build a grant program that shifted power dynamics from the municipal fund limitations to providing more financial opportunities for individuals and community groups.

Pictured above: Code Listen at Gardner Museum, Boston. Photo by Matt Teuten.

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