Weekly Web Roundup: June 8-12, 2020

As the country continues to reckon with the murder of George Floyd, artists are responding and considering how to create lasting change across the sector and in their cities and towns. Read on for a reflection from a Public Art Network council member on how the public art field can respond to the growing movement, and to see some of the artworks being created in honor of Floyd and other victims of police violence to memorialize them and help communities heal. On ArtsU, the second session in our DIAL.studio series for early career arts leaders focuses on creating online arts spaces for people of color, and our ongoing Supporting Individual Artists series explores how to support arts-based community development. 

Also this week, we launched the Arts Agency Action Kit, providing arts organizations in financial distress due to the COVID crisis with research and strategies to make the case for preserving their agency. And with newly passed legislation giving more flexibility to Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) borrowers, Nina Ozlu Tunceli is again extending her online office hours until July 29. 


How Public Art Programs Can Join the Movement Against Police Brutality, White Supremacy, and Anti-Black Racism by Amina Cooper
This wave of protests in the wake of the murder of George Floyd has prompted a discussion within the public art field: How can public art respond to the Black Lives Matters movement? Should it? What will we do about the public artwork that is being tagged and damaged during these protests?

Business Spotlight: Hotel Leverages Arts to Welcome Community and Social Transformation by Deborah Briggs
For over 10 years, The Betsy has been celebrated as one of the world’s great art hotels. Our challenge is to continue to advocate for the power of the arts. Even as we recognize that although artists “will always find a way” to do their work, we need to support creative enterprise at the highest levels.

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Introducing the Arts Agency Action Kit: Research, Talking Points, and Messaging Tips to Make Your Case
This additional infrastructure of support for arts organizations provides a comprehensive resource including up-to-date research, key talking points, and advocacy strategies that can be used to make the case for one’s organization and mitigate a situation of financial distress stemming from the COVID-19 crisis.

‘My emotions were so raw’: The people creating art to remember George Floyd
Artists have been quick to respond with works that seek to memorialize, to provoke and to heal. Whether through sharing illustrations on Instagram, or creating murals in the streets of Minneapolis, artists have created tributes to give honor to the lives of those lost to police violence and racial injustice.

Celebrating the Life of Visionary Arts Supporter, Corporate Leader, and Former Board Member Barry Griswell
Visionary arts supporter Barry Griswell passed away Friday, June 5. Griswell’s vision for nurturing the growth of the arts in the United States was centered on making the arts part of the everyday experience, providing opportunities for young and emerging artists, and embracing cultural diversity to heighten understanding.


Supporting Individual Artists | Allies in Communities: How To Support Artist-led Community Development
Get insight on how arts managers and local arts agencies can support artists and communities in this critical work, and learn what arts-based community development looks like—the various stakeholders, practical strategies and tactics to start, and how to continue this work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

DIAL.studio | Creating Online POC Arts Communities
Led by Mighel Maltos Gonzales of LTNX Artes, this webinar—the second of our six-part professional development series for early career arts leaders—explores how artists of color can use technology and online spaces to develop community and connect with other POC artists.


Office Hours with Nina Extended to July 29
Nina Ozlu Tunceli is extending her online office hours on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (excluding holidays) through July 29. She will be available to help you navigate the complex web of funding opportunities, federal regulations, and deadlines related to the federal aid package in the CARES Act.

Pictured: “Wrought, Knit, Labors, Legacies” (2020) by Olalekan Jeyifous. Photo by Laura Hatcher Photography for Visit Alexandria.

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