Weekly Web Roundup: Feb. 26, 2021

In a week when we’ve seen renewed attacks on Capitol Hill over federal arts funding, we are pleased to announce opportunities for full registration support to attend the National Arts Action Summit, available for anyone who would otherwise be unable to participate. We need everyone’s voice at the table to make a difference and support creative recovery—please join us (virtually) April 5-9 for this important arts advocacy event!

In case you missed any of this week’s other stories: Read blogs on community engagement in the Midwest and arts marketing shifts in a year of change and recovery, rewatch a webinar on how local arts agencies can invest in local partnerships to address community goals, and learn which arts-related Trump era executive order was reversed by President Biden. Last but definitely not least, Americans for the Arts is proud to introduce our Inclusive Creative Economy Plan, which aspires to design strategies that equitably support all people to reach their creative and artistic potential. This is crucial work, and we invite your feedback and participation on the journey.


Member Spotlight: Shayda Windle by Linda Lombardi
After spending 15 years in corporate marketing, Shayda Windle started her own creative services business, SW Creative Services, offering content creation, copywriting, and marketing campaign planning and execution to small business owners all over the country.

Shifts for Arts Marketers in 2021 by Tom O’Connor
Over the past year, arts marketing as a discipline has weathered as many changes as the industry we support. From the work that we do, to the roles that we occupy within organizations, and the ways that we relate to one another—everything is in the process of evolution right now.

Introducing Americans for the Arts’ Inclusive Creative Economy Plan by Jessica Stern
For the last two years, we have spent significant time listening, learning, planning, and in consideration to engage in a multi-pronged, multi-year effort to support inclusive creative economies at the local level, encourage stronger unification between the for-profit and nonprofit arts sectors, and pursue federal-level policies that support creative workers.

The Intersection of Place and Process by Christy Bolingbroke 
NCCAkron affords artists the emotional, mental, and physical space to create from a place of abundance inherent to our Northeast Ohio stomping grounds. Being national in our scope allows us to stretch—to engage artists from all over, to hold even more capacity for ideas larger than ourselves, and to be the connective thread between communities..

News Room

President Biden Overturns Trump’s “Promoting Beautiful Federal Civic Architecture” Executive Order
The executive order, signed by former President Trump during his last month in office on Dec. 21, 2020, was controversial and aimed to support Euro-centric architecture described as “classical” and “traditional.” Biden’s nullification of the order comes on the heels of push back from civic design organizations.

2021 National Arts Action Summit Activates Full Registration Support
Thanks to the continued commitment from this year’s organizational partners—and in response to the financial challenges that many are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic—opportunities for full registration support to attend the National Arts Action Summit are available for anyone who would otherwise be unable to participate.


Investing in Local Partnerships to Address Community Goals
Local arts agencies are uniquely positioned to be a conduit role of the arts in helping address community goals. Hear from Cara Goger, Executive Director of the Mariposa County Arts Council, on how she has built successful partnerships with the local municipal planning agency, an environmental conservancy group, and the indigenous community native to Mariposa County.

Pictured: Some of the fourteen flavors of NCCAkron developed in partnership with Chill Artisan Ice Cream.

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