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This dish came out excellent. I subbed the asparagus for broccoli and this was really delicious. I also added a bit more paprika since I know my spice taste requires more than most. I’ve never tried the “original” version since I have been vegetarian my whole life so I can’t comment on the difference but it was very good.


Delicious! I only added 1 cup of liquid pasta water and more pasta and was so good!


Made with fettuccine and it felt like too substantial a noodle. I would make it again, but with spaghetti instead. A comforting bowl of carbs, for when that’s what you need.

AnonymousMinneapolis, Minnesota05/10/20

Loved this! Made it for my parents, including my dad who usually refuses a dinner that’s meatless, but this sent him back for seconds!


I had my doubts. Vegetarian Carbonara sounded like an oxymoron. I’m a carbonara traditionalist. But I loved this recipe. I love this carbonara in a different way. Followed the recipe to a T, but I swapped in rigatoni (Tunnels, Carla! Tunnels!), and that ruled stayed true in this vegetarian version, too – the asparagus would find its way into the ‘tonis and make for an adorable and satisfying bite. Make this dish.

haleyfreedlundSeattle, WA05/06/20

This was fantastic and worked perfectly by following the instructions. I didn’t have smoked paprika but regular paprika was a fine substitute. I’m convinced you don’t need meat to make a delicious bowl of carbonara. Thanks Carla!

Jimmy PooterinoBoise05/05/20

Not sure how I feel about this, adding anything even remotely healthy looking to a carbonara sounds like sacrilege to me. However, I did happen to have some leftover asparagus, so this was a good excuse to use them up. The end result turned out okay, but I guess almost anything would taste nice when paired with a creamy-cheesy-carb(onara)y base. This is not going to be my fave veggie carbonara ever, but it’s certainly a nice trick to pull when you have no idea what to do with those extra spears of asparagus in your fridge.


I’ve been skittish around pasta since the “carbs are evil” days; the idea of tempering an egg (why?!?) scared me to no end. I plunged in and made this for our 8th wedding anniversary dinner and huzzah! Accessible to tempering newbs like me, super delicious [especially with asparagus from our garden, lucky us] – huzzah! We carbo-loaded enough to run several imaginary 5ks. Thank you!

AnonymousHardin, Illinois04/29/20

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