Tri-Tip Steak With Tiger Bite Sauce Recipe

BEST STEAK EVER! I was feeling super fancy after plating this delicious meal and it was sooo easy. I subbed 2 Serrano peppers and half a jalapeno as I didn’t have any Thai chilies on hand and still had the delicious kick. Chef Yia Vang talks about that Umami flavor and it is no joke. This dish will be a forever keeper. Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe. WOWSER. Oh and drizzled that Tiger Bite Sauce on my egg scramble this morning…. Heaven.

BBgrlBoise, ID05/18/20

Great excuse to grill! Marinading the steak overnight was a gamechanger… Between the meat & the sauce, you get everything: umami, spicy, salty, sour. Made a couple minor subs due to what we had on hand, but fish sauce & oyster sauce are a must. Served with white rice, lettuce and homemade pickled carrots & daikon.


This was bursting with flavor. Pretty easy to make for the fabulous end result. I found the cumin too strong for my taste – next time I’ll cut that back so it’s not so overwhelming. But, that’s just a personal thing. I know others like a very pronounced cumin-y flavor.
Great mix of textures, and good balance of spice and savory.

storageladyBoca Raton, FL05/14/20

Fantastic! I made it all exactly as written, but if anything, I might add a few more tomatoes to the sauce next time. The marinade was excellent; I find that less fatty cuts of meat need to marinate longer, so I let mine sit overnight. I love spicy food and didn’t think the sauce was too hot/overpowered the steak—I thought it had just the right amount of kick, and the right amount of lime to balance out the chilies.

AnonymousSan Francisco05/09/20

Keeper. Subbed one chile de Arbol for the Sichuan and jalapeño & mint for Thai chile & cilantro in the sauce. Used flap steak. Tasting the sauce over simple white rice almost had me skip grilling the steak all together. Used one big juicy lime. Delightful.

AnonymousSeattle, WA05/05/20

So so good. We’re making this a regular meal at our house.


Amazing! This recipe was easy and quick to make, the ingredients are cheap, and the flavor is out of this world!
The tiger bite sauce definitely has a big bite!


This is one of the best recipes I can remember. Truly amazing, both the marinated tri-tip alone and with the great sauce. I marinated for over 24 hours. Also, as others suggested, I used 1 lime instead of two, and that was about right. I also used 1 thai chili instead of 4, knowing how hot they are (and I have high tolerance). Using 1 allowed my family to enjoy it; I probably wouldn’t go beyond 2 thai chilis unless you really want it searingly hot. I minced the remaining thai chilis and put them in white vinegar as a bonus condiment, which is great.

jamrosenBerkeley, CA04/28/20

This steak was DELICIOUS! I did most of the hot sauce steps while the steak was marinating and grilled and smashed the tomatoes while the steak was resting. I followed the recipe from the magazine and it includes juice of 2 limes as well in the sauce, I also used 4 serrano peppers instead of thai chili’s. Both the steak and the sauce were perfect!


Absolutely outstanding! I marinated for 8 hours and think overnight would be better. I used one lime and that was sufficient for the tiger bite.

AnonymousSan Diego04/28/20

Wow! This was absolutely amazing!!! Like drooling amazing. Instead of grinding the spices to marinate the steak, I used pre-grounded spices. I couldn’t find Thai chili’s so I used another type of red chili. Also, the recipe in the magazine says to use two juiced limes in the sauce (it’s essential!!). It was a major hit. My kids loved the steak (didn’t put the sauce on since it is pretty spicy). The spice is offset by the lime juice for a more refreshing flavor. I highly recommend this recipe!


This was ABSOLUTELY DELISH! Couldn’t find thai chiles so used 2 larger red jalapenos…also used strip steaks instead..but those were the only changes made. Going to grill some scallops tonight & use the rest of the leftover sauce. Everyone loved it!!!

AnonymousBoston, MA04/26/20

A keeper. I prepared and marinated the steak as recommended.
Change: I seared the steak in a cast iron skillet 3:00 each side, then allowed it to rest. No grill. Perfectly cooked.
I prepared the shallot and garlic sauce exactly as described.
Change: after I removed the steak, i blistered the tomatoes in the same pan for 5:00.

Change: I made regular ol’ jasmine rice.

Served steak poured over with tomatoes and sauce. Delicious!!!


Marinade was very good, but the “tiger sauce” overwhelmed they delicious marinade, and ruined the recipe – especially the tomatoes. Would make again without tiger sauce, or a standard chimichurri.

AnonymousVenice, Ca04/25/20

A photo of this yummy recipe is on the cover of the magazine for May 2020. I’m dying to know what ingredient is the thin white strips all over the dish. Parmesan? Something crunchy? Please do tell!! Tri tip steak/ tiger bite sauce .

AnonymousEast Coast04/24/20

In the magazine version of this recipe, it calls for the juice of 2 limes. I think 1 lime is plenty. This is a very tasty dish


This recipe is wonderful! As mentioned below, the recipe from the magazine has juice of two limes added to the sauce. The steak has a delicious umami flavour, which balances very well with the spicy and sweetness of the sauce. Using the leftovers to build some steak tacos tonight!


The juice of 2 limes that is mentioned in the magazine is missing in the recipe above. Another great recipe to try out, though! I like that you can have it with rice or greens depending on what you’re in the mood for. I’m very excited to add this into my regular rotation.

AnonymousWashington DC04/21/20

My husband decided to try this recipe out, and to my surprise it delighted my senses. I am not a fan of cumin or coriander, so this was initially a tough sell for me. We had to modify the Tiger Bite sauce, as we had no cilantro, or lime juice. Instead we used basil to play off the Asian fusion and we used some leftover homemade sweet and sour mix (Simply Syrup and fresh lime juice). The sauce was amazing, as we both love the combination of sweet and spicy. We decided to eat this entree with homemade corn tortillas. Needless to say, we will be making this yummy recipe again (with the modifications to the tiger bite sauce!)!

AnonymousPortland, OR04/20/20

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