Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Everyday

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How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Tired is probably a safe answer. Maybe you get up, brush your teeth, get dressed, and eat breakfast in a sort of mindless fog. Then you get in the car, drive to work, and begin your day. The day eventually ends, and you find yourself doing the exact same thing the next day and the next.

This looks like a typical morning for a lot of people. And while there’s nothing inherently “wrong” about this type of morning, there is something that could make it a lot better.

If you’ve been listening to The School of Greatness for a while now, you’ve heard me talk about the power of meditation. The busyness of life easily jumbles our thoughts, and it’s easy to go throughout our day without taking time to recenter ourselves. I begin my morning with meditation, and it has really helped me start my day with a focused and purpose-driven mindset.

Our mind is constantly buzzing with ideas, thoughts, fears, and desires. It gets noisy in there, and when that happens, we often find ourselves feeling anxious, afraid, or frustrated. Peace and calm is something that we all want, but our minds seem to resist this often.

Can we train our minds to default to peace instead of worry?

Today on The School of Greatness, my guest is a man who left society to become a monk for three years, and when he came back, he shared his story and his secrets with the world. Yes, I’m talking about the one and only Jay Shetty.

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