The Reprogram Your Weight Loss System

Do You Struggle with Lack of Willpower?

So many people claim to struggle with the willpower to say no to extra food.  Here is the truth, willpower only consists of about 5% of your conscious minds’ resources.   If you were to drive your car on 5% of the engine’s horsepower, you would not get very far, would you? 

Let’s explain…the goal to lose weight is a long-term prize and requires higher level thinking and brain consciousness.  Eating is associated with basic survival and not eating is associated with threat. It does not matter to the brain stem that being a healthy weight is a long-term, beneficial goal.  That is higher level thinking called understanding.  The brain stem, otherwise known as the reptilian complex follows a rigid set of rules.  Here is an example, “Food is safe, no food is not safe. Eat the food.”  No wonder why we struggle with willpower.  It’s a no win situation and hypnosis helps!

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