The iPhone 4S Made Simple

The iPhone 4S was supposed to be launched as the iPhone 5 but Apple Inc managed to take the ever-popular iPhone 4 and give it a complete tech makeover. The initial rounds of disappointment, however, gave way to surprise as more and more people soon realized that modifying even a small part of the device had affected the overall performance, although in a positive way.

It is not too hard to list the changes that have been made to the iPhone 4S –

· The CPU has undergone an upgrade and the gadget now sports a powerful dual-core A5 processor.

· Instead of the iPhone 4’s 5 megapixel camera, the 4S comes with an 8 megapixel camera which also features a better aperture ratio.

· The graphical processing power has been subjected to a boost by almost seven times.

· Another welcome addition is the new voice recognition service from Apple called Siri.

Design and Feel

Not much has changed in external appearance for the iPhone 4S to set it apart from its predecessor. Only the design has changed just a bit to now include a dual-band aerial design. The top half of the phone is the exact same with the presence of headphone jack, power/lock button and a noise-cancelling microphone. The right houses the SIM card slot. Dual speakers and the Apple connector complete the bottom half. Minor changes have been made in the rounded volume keys on the left edge of the phone, the top one of which now doubles up as the camera shutter button. The position of the silencer switch also seems to have moved a little upwards.


The iPhone 4S is the first Apple device to come with its new iOS software, the iOS 5. Somewhat similar to Android, the new system is well-integrated and notifications can now be viewed at the top of the screen which prevents any interference. The camera can be accessed faster by just double tapping the home key. The screen can be swiped and it makes a comeback filled with icons for applications.


The dual-core A5 processor of the iPhone 4S ensures a superior battery life along with faster operating speeds. Closing and opening apps is easy. The animations do seem to slow down operations a bit but overall, it carries out all functions efficiently. The iPhone 4S boasts of the most intuitive system in the market in recent times which makes it quite user-friendly.

Messaging and Contacts

An exclusive messaging service for iOS devices, iMessage is included which provides a refreshing boost to the iPhone 4S’ messaging capabilities. The keyboard is highly intuitive and with the addition of Siri, message replies can now be spoken out though at the cost of some accuracy.

The contacts menu on the iPhone 4S is one of the easiest systems to get a grasp on – choosing the phone section presents a number of options like favorite contacts, dialed or missed call list, etc. Even without the addition of tons of functionality such as social network integration, the iPhone 4S gives you the option of adding some basic information. Signal quality is great while making a call without any call drops.

Camera and Video Recording

Apple has introduced a new sensor design in the 4S’ 8 megapixel camera that produces larger capacity pixels. Images tend to possess reduced visual noise which results in well-defined pictures. The wide aperture also comes in handy when shooting objects up-close. The small sensor size helps produce sharp images. Sensitivity settings are adjusted by the camera itself. Apps add an increased level of functionality.

The iPhone 4S can capture 1080p Full HD videos. Anti-shake capabilities allow for improved video stabilization. Good quality shots can be taken in low light using the backlight sensor.

Source by Saraswati Chouhan

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