The 10 Most Popular Recipes of December 2020

According to the datasphere, we all used a heck load of flour, butter, sugar, and food coloring in December. This month, a staggering number (um, five) of our most popular recipes were baked goods—oaty cookies, chocolate-pumpkin cake, and cosmic-looking moon pies. Call it the holiday effect! Call it…a coping mechanism? Beyond the doughy stuff you’ll also find a zippy-but-festive beer cocktail (that you’ll definitely want to make poolside in Summer 2021). The beloved, spicy-sweet Korean stir-fried chicken that comes together in a few easy steps and one pan. And, I’m sorry, is that super-nutritious CAULI RICE? Hey, life is about balance. Here are our most popular recipes from the last month of the year, starting with No. 1.

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