The 10 Most Popular Chicken Recipes of 2020

Our most popular chicken recipes this year show just how versatile and beloved it really is. We keep developing new cooking techniques and flavor profiles to take chicken to new heights; you keep picking up what we’re putting down—and 2020 brought with it a new crop of reader favorites. We’re talking about the spicy celery and peanut stir-fry that uses a Chinese technique called velveting, in which the chicken is chopped small and tenderized in a lush, cornstarch-thickened sauce before cooking quickly over high heat. The melty, crispy cordon bleu that helped us all travel back in time via our taste buds. And Adda chef Chintan Pandya’s crunchy, masala fried chicken that’s marinated in tangy yogurt and coated in an array of vibrant spices. Here you’ll find a short list of this year’s most popular chicken recipes, starting with the No. 1.

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