Tamarind Chicken Thighs With Collard Greens Salad Recipe

  • I agree with others that it would probably work better to brown the chicken first, prior to adding the glaze. I followed the recipe as written and ended up with a super black skillet, lost 90% of the skin, and then had undercooked potatoes. Good salad at least!

  • I really love the flavor of this recipe, it’s a complex sweet & spicy flavor. I didn’t give 5 stars because the glaze completely burned in my skillet & the skin on the chicken peeled off as I removed them from the pan. After that, I took the advice of some of the reviews & moved the chicken onto a sheet pan with the sweet potatoes, covered it with the rest of the glaze and cooked until it was done. Maybe the glaze won’t burn using a non-stick skillet or by cooking it on low heat. Overall it was tasty!

    • Catherine S

    • Tampa, Fl

    • 1/9/2021

  • I was intrigued by this recipe, and wondered if I could prepare it sheet pan style…I like easy clean up! It worked beautifully. I cooked it in a 400 degree oven for about 45 minutes. A couple of others changes I made (because we are doing Whole30) so I omitted the agave and used 1 whole navel orange instead of the juice.

    • Joan

    • Highland Park, Illinois

    • 1/7/2021

  • The recipe as written needs some work, but the concept and flavors are incredible. It’s delicious, even for someone who claims to hate sweet potatoes. Will definitely make again (with adjustments).

    Glaze: Seed the serranos unless you are really into spice. It was bearable, but not comfortable for me. I forgot to cook down the glaze, so it was much less sticky than I had hoped, but that’s on me. It was still great!

    Sweet Potatoes: It takes wayyyy longer than 10-12 minutes to cook the potatoes. I put them on a sheet pan in the oven with olive oil, S+P while the chicken skin was cooking, then put the chicken on top, cooked the chicken for 5 extra minutes to get it to 165F, and some of the potatoes were still crunchy (despite risking life and limb with a mandoline to ensure uniform, thin slices).

    Chicken: Even with my runny glaze, I decided to wait to put it on the chicken until after I had browned the skin because of so many comments warning of smoke alarms. I poured all of the (ocean of) glaze over the chicken & sweet potatoes once they were ready to go into the oven together.

    Salad: Put more salt on the collard greens than you think you need.

    • Kallan

    • Ann Arbor, MI

    • 1/5/2021

  • Super tasty! I’m in quarantine after returning to LA, and wasn’t able to get tamarind delivered, but I subbed with a combo of lime juice/rice vinegar/brown sugar/tomato paste. I’m sure it affected the flavor profile, but it tasted amazing to me!

    I also had some issues with the glaze burning when crisping up the chicken thighs, but I think that’s because I have an electric stove – I had a gas stove for five years and it’s so much more controllable. My general recommendation is (if you’re cooking on electric) to take the heat down a full level – if it says medium, start on low, and go up if you need to – on electric it takes a lot longer to decrease heat than on gas.

    Even with a sub and a bit of extra toastiness, I loved it and would make again.

    • Mead M.

    • Los Angeles, CA

    • 1/5/2021

  • Made this last night, I did some substitutions using soy sauce and honey. I also took some of the commenters advice and roasted my potatoes while my chicken was in the skillet. I had no trouble with any burning along the way. The sauce on the meat and the greens were very delicious! I am a little over sweet potatoes, and with this already sweet sauce it may be a little bit too much sweet on sweet for my taste. Overall, pretty good.

    • Chris B

    • London, ON – Canada

    • 1/5/2021

  • I loved the flavor of the glaze! As with many other reviews, I had some burnt glaze & more time required for the meat. I had my doubts about the potatoes cooking in time but by virtue of the thighs taking longer, they made it 🙂

    • Terri

    • Victoria, Canada

    • 1/5/2021

  • First off, I couldn’t find any tamarind concentrate at my local grocery store :(, so I bough the next best thing, tamarind based pad thai sauce. I made some changes to the glaze, I skipped the garlic and the agave nectar because the pad thai sauce was pretty sweet and garlicky already. Like other commenters mentioned, the glazed chicken burned in some spots when I cooked it in the pan, but it wasn’t completely burnt, the only downside is that I wasn’t able to let more fat render out and get the skin super crispy like I wanted, otherwise the chicken would’ve been super burnt; I think the pan and temperature control are very important in this recipe. I also baked the chicken for an extra 20 minutes (my chicken thighs were gigantic) and had no problem with the sweet potatoes. I loved the freshness of the salad, it goes really well with the glazed chicken. Overall 4/5 because of the very easy to burn glaze and recipe inconsistencies 🙂

    • Laura E

    • Chula Vista, CA

    • 1/5/2021

  • The glaze is amazingly delicious,. Reading other reviews- I salted, oiled and peppered the potatoes and put them in the oven to cook while I was pan roasting the chicken, also only with salt and pepper and oil so as not to burn the glaze. Once crunchy skin achieved, added the glaze and put in the oven for another 10- came out just done.

    • Anonymous

    • Portland, OR

    • 1/5/2021

  • I was halfway through the recipe and the smell of the sauce was intoxicating so I text two friends and told them to try the recipe. Before I even finished the recipe. Then we ate that dream and it was perfectly sweet and sour and nourishing and balanced and crispy and fatty. Thank you, Devonn

  • Also glad I read reviews before I cooked. Instead of putting potatoes and chicken in same pan, I started cooking potatoes in oven when I put the chicken in the pan to crisp up, took the potatoes out, topped with glaze, and then put chicken on top and popped it back into the oven. All was delicious in about 20 min. Loved glaze but mine also got a little burnt cooking over medium. Put some little orange slices on my greens and such a wonderful dinner. LOVED THE GLAZE!! probably my favorite part. Also enjoyed trying a Japanese sweet potato for the first time. So yummy!! Thanks Devonn!!!

  • Glad I read the reviews before I made this; the chicken cooking time *is* totally off. I followed the 10-12 minutes for the skin side down pan fry (got nice and crispy, no issue there), then baked at 400 F for about 30-35 minutes total, checking every 10-15. That’s how long it took for the chicken and the potatoes to be done. That said it is DELICIOUS. Like, I am full but I can’t stop eating delicious. The glaze is *incredible* and I will be making it to put on any and everything I can think of. I also didn’t have any issue with it burning or sticking to the pan — you use enough oil and render enough chicken fat that it should prevent that?

    I’m not sure why the cooking times were so off, but with adjustments this passed with flying colors. I will surely be making it again.

  • Had the same issue with the chicken totally burning black on the stovetop, despite following the recipe exactly as written and turning down the heat. This feels under-tested.

  • for some reason i wasn’t a fan of this glaze, perhaps there was too much cinnamon? and the recipe over all just ate a bit oily. i love all the parts though! and definitely will eat more raw collards now!

  • The glaze is absolutely amazing and was unanimously applauded.
    Reading the comments I parboiled the sweet potatoe and all went fine. However the cooking time of the chicken is totally off. I had to cook it in a pan because it was raw.

    • Stephanie

    • Veracruz, Mx

    • 1/4/2021

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