Springy Ricotta Gnocchi With Peas and Herbs Recipe

Delicious and not too difficult! Thank you so much for publishing this recipe! It’s one of my new favorites. I ended up with four good portions and served it with a side of caponata on bruschetta. It took me about 1.5 hours (but I’m generally a slow cook).


The gnocchi were great but the sauce was just okay. It was easy to make and a fun way to use ricotta.

AnonymousPennsylvania 05/22/20

This was amazing! I only needed a cup of flour and the gnocchis were perfect. They were way easier to make than normal gnocchi and the texture and flavour was better in my opinion. The sauce was really simple and really complemented the dish! the only thing i would say is that the recipe made for 4 smaller portions (not 4-6 servings)


Loved these light and fluffy ricotta gnocchis, so easy too. The only issue I had was squeezing out water, that part was messy and at least 20% of my ricotta had to be scrapped-off the towel, which was not ideal! If I make this again I would add a lot more veggies to soak up all that butter.


This was really good – and really easy! I’m not an experienced gnocchi-maker, but I found that the prep for the pasta was really straightforward and went pretty quickly. And the sauce was fantastic as is, but would also be awesome with some asparagus, mushrooms, or wilted arugula added if you have it. I had some old-ish fairly dry ricotta which made the pressing stage very quick and easy, and I didn’t need to add much flour during the rolling-out stage. I’ll definitely be making this again.

AnonymousAustin TX05/13/20

DIVINE! Spent about 7 minutes really working the liquid out of the ricotta and it was worth it. Added a good bit more red chili flakes because we like it spicy. First time making gnocchi and this recipe makes it easy!

csuggCharlotte, NC05/13/20

Perfect spring dish. At first I thought I would have too much gnocchi and contemplated freezing some, but I’m glad I went for it and made up the whole batch. It reheated well with a splash of water and a few minutes in the microwave! I only used chives which was awesome, but I can see how versatile this recipe is. Throw in whatever sounds good to you. And if you’re looking for a quarantine project, make your own ricotta (or not if that sounds hellish—but I promise it’s easy). It made for a fun project.


Delicious. I don’t think I got enough liquid out of mine so they turned our very sticky. I would also say that smaller is better for these gnocchi.


This was amazing! Wouldn’t change a thing. My husband and I kept talking about how delicious it was while we were eating it.

A_MichelleNashville 05/09/20

Awesome! Really easy, and my picky kids said they would actually eat it again — high praise from them!

AnonymousPhilly 05/09/20

This looks great, but is extremely similar to Alison Roman’s Ricotta Dumplings with Buttered Peas and Asparagus?


I thoroughly enjoyed this and it was delicious! I’ve never made gnocchi and I did it! I used a cloth napkin to squeeze out the ricotta, followed the recipe except for the chives – didn’t have those so I used the green part of spring onions and cut them finely. And I had to add a bit more flour to my dough than called for but not much. I also wasn’t super precious with putting the butter in one lump at a time. Near the end I was putting them in 3 at a time. Loved everything. And it was a big hit with my 12 year old and husband. Will make this again!

jenrmanleyLos Angeles05/08/20

This recipe needs serious improvement. It calls for one cup of flour for the dough, I ended up having to use THREE (maybe even more) cups of flour to even make it workable. Next, the sauce is basically butter and water, and lacked any real flavor. The chives were ok, but when eating I was not impressed. Also, the actual gnocchi was like biting into a flavorless piece of dough. Lastly, this recipe took me almost two hours. If I had a gun pointed to my head and had to make it again, more chives, more flour, and smaller pieces of gnocchi. My mom says you could add mushrooms?

maxine1024Steilacoom, WA05/07/20

Very easy recipe! My first time making gnocchi and it turned out amazing. Was worried that my dough had too much flour (had to add more as it was too sticky), but the texture turned out perfect. Used fresh basil as the herb. Definitely will make again.


This was very tasty. I HIGHLY recommend this.


Super easy to make and turned out delicious! Came together in about 30 minutes. Gnocchi themselves have a lot of flavor. Only issue is it’s quite messy to make but it’s worth it!

AnonymousWashington, DC05/04/20

A fun process! I usually find dough tough to work with but this was a breeze. A bit time consuming but very little skill level required. Thanks for helping me impress my roommates Sarah!

alywooMontreal, Quebec05/04/20

Delicious, and not too difficult! I did make a big mess on my work surface, but I guess that’s unavoidable when making pasta. This was my first time making any kind of pasta from scratch and I was really happy with it. For the record, I doubled this recipe to feed 7 people and we finished all of it (along with some fruit and salad on the side), so if you have some big eaters I wouldn’t count on feeding more than 4 with this amount.


What a great recipe! BA satisfies again. Considering the large number of steps in the preparation, I was pleased that overall it too just under an hour to go from ingredients to enjoying the meal at the table. I will definitely make this again, I also plan to make the gnocchi and try different sauces! What a great base. Thanks, BA!

Kim AndersonSan Francisco, CA05/04/20

Awesome recipe. My girlfriend is quite the picky eater and to be honest peas are one of those vegetables I’m still warming up to, and we both loved it! The peas became such an awesome part of the buttery sauce while lending some pop to the texture of the dish. And the ricotta gnocchi were quite satisfying to make.


Excellent recipe. Froze half the gnocchi and halved the sauce recipe. I got excited and overcooked the peas a bit. Used Italian flat leaf parsley as my herb. Very fresh and bright with the lemon.


Super easy! Low effort for very good returns, exactly what I want in a recipe. Excited to try the gnocchi with different sauces, though the pea, herb and butter one was really wonderful. Thanks BA!

AnonymousLethbridge, AB05/02/20

This recipe was amazing and so easy to make!!!

AnonymousCharleston sc05/01/20

PLEASE don’t disobey Sarah Jampel and try to make your own ricotta!!! hopefully I’ll find some at the store, but I tried making my own, and during the towel-straining part, it COMPLETELY strained through- nothing left!!! just creamy milky stuff in the bowl and nothing left to make this lovely gnocchi with :'( I’ll be back with a review after i actually fulfill the recipe X’)

alltvaxasan diego04/29/20

Huge hit with my family who are all picky eaters. I was worried when I used way, way more flour than called for (tip: in hindsight, could have made a much thinner layer or multiple layers of ricotta to dry it more thoroughly) but it turned out perfectly delicious. The gnocchi expand a lot when boiled so keep in mind when cutting them into pillows — I had a few big pieces that should have been two. The pea sauce is to die for — recommend chili flakes vs. pepper if you’re into some heat, lots of garlic, and plenty of lemon zest.

AnonymousNew York, NY04/29/20

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