Sos Pwa Nwa and Mayi Moulen Recipe

Sos pwa nwa is a stewy Haitian black bean sauce that combines beans, coconut milk, and aromatics to create a deep velvety dish. Starting with dried, not canned, beans makes a big difference, as canned beans will never achieve that same rich texture. Sos pwa nwa is most often eaten with white rice or mayi moulen, a thick and creamy cornmeal-based dish. It’s similar to polenta but infused with much more flavor thanks to aromatics such as garlic, thyme, and parsley. Included in this recipe is a hack for less labor-intensive cornmeal: Cover it with a lid! This way you won’t have to stir as often. But when you do stir, really put your back into it—mayi moulen is thick and requires some elbow grease to ensure it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot. The pairing of the sos pwa nwa and mayi moulen is a deeply comforting vegan meal, perfect for cold nights. —Lesley Enston

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