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Yum! Jam is as everyone has said is excellent. The top was a bit crumbly. Make sure the brown butter is a light tea colour to get the full flavour. Used a whole grapefruit (loved the bitter/sweet combo) and pecans. I added a wee bit of vanilla extract as I had no pods in the house. Took longer to cook then recipe said but I just kept checking it every 5 minutes. A reminder to folks to please not rate the recipes if you have not actually cooked it. (See the reviewer that asked if they could use store-bought jam–and also the jam is the best part don’t omit). Will absolutely make them again.

loutzl1027Vancouver, BC05/18/20

Seriously so good. I used the exact measurements and I ended up with around 2 – 2.5 cups of jam but I only used the 1.5 cups like the recipe called for. After cutting into it, I think the bars could have used more jam so I recommend using all of your jam if you end up with extra! These bars were still amazing and definitely making again!


I used a mix of hazelnuts and raw almonds and didn’t have the hibiscus. Jam is delicious but boy oh boy did it ooze and burn around the edges. Next time I will line the pan with parchment on all sides.

nataliematz88Omaha, Ne05/04/20

They were phenomonal! Honestly these will be a spring must from now on. Some meassurements definitely did not turn out like in the recipe. I had twice as much jam and not as mch crumb? But not mad about it at all!! Would always double the jam from now on! Anyone know how to best freeze them?


Pro Tip: Winco (grocery store, I think only in the West/Midwest) carries dried hibiscus flowers in the bulk section. I wonder if hibiscus tea bags would work Here as a substitute. Starbucks Ruby Mist tea is primarily hibiscus, but has other added flavor as well, I think maybe mango? Hey BA, more Sarah content pretty please 🙏🏻 Her recipes are consistently my fav (along with Sohlae’s)

LovelymissjennaTacoma, WA04/28/20

These are SO delicious. Wow. I used pecans and a whole orange. Can’t wait to make this again.

AnonymousNew York04/25/20

Rhubarb jam is definitely the star. Recipe worked well, but I was a bit underwhelmed by the flavour of the oaty bit.

AnonymousIreland 04/22/20

Forget about the rest of it…make that rhubarb jam! Who would have ever thought rhubarb and grapefruit would marry so well. I doubled the recipe due to an abundance of rhubarb…ended up with 2 pint jars plus a little extra that I ate from the pot. So delicious! Will try the bars, but the jam is perfect on it’s own, or maybe on yogurt or vanilla ice cream or pbj sandwich or….

AnonymousKirkland, WA04/22/20

These were so good. I made the rhubarb jam (without the hibiscus, used half a vanilla pod, and Meyer lemon) and it was so delicious that we were eating it by the spoonful. The acidity and tartness from the jam provided the perfect contrast to the nuttiness of the crumble. I used salted butter and 1/2 a tsp of Diamond Crystal. I would do 1/4 tsp next time. I used a springform round pan lined with butter parchment and it worked out well. People in my family who normally find desserts too rich went back for seconds!

AnonymousMcKinleyville, CA04/21/20

This is the most delicious rhubarb recipes I’ve ever had! The brown butter with the nuts is amazing. I had to sub grapefruit for some blood oranges I had, and it worked great. Great ratios of jam to crumb, nice amount of sweet to tang. Magical and comforting – thanks for sharing.

Boston, MA04/21/20

I made these last night using a combination of walnuts and pecans (because that’s what I had on hand). For the filling, I used some purple plum jam I made last fall – we won’t have any fresh rhubarb around here any time soon! The bars are a bit crumbly but otherwise they are fantastic and delicious! The brown butter is totally worth the the trouble. The smell of these bars as they baked had us swooning! I will be putting this recipe in my “go to” pile and I will definitely try the rhubarb part when there is rhubarb around.

Edmonton, Alberta04/21/20

can I just use regular weed butter ???!!!

AnonymousNew York, NY04/20/20

can you use vanilla extract if you don’t have vanilla bean?


can you use store bought jam? instead of making this jam?


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