Ras El Hanout and chocolate chunk pumpkin bread — My Moroccan Food

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Hello world! It has been a little while, I can’t  believe I shared my previous post almost 18 months ago. These past 18 months have been *interesting* to say the least… 

On a personal note, we welcomed our second baby girl to the world and have been enjoying spending time as a family of four which makes us feel extremely lucky and blessed! 

On a more general note, the world is a very different place today, we can’t shake people’s hands anymore (!!) and everytime we leave the house, we must not forget our masks.

It’s a weird time to be alive but the good news is, we can still cook and bake and make our bellies happy! 

This pumpkin bread is very earthy, fragrant, lightly sweet, not too heavy and very addictive! I could not help but adding chocolate chunks to it but feel free to discard them from the recipe if you don’t want them.

The Ras el hanout sugar on top of the cake is optional but I guarantee that it’s totally worth the extra 3 minutes and calories, it gives the bread a delicious crumb that really bring this bread to another level!

Do you think by the time I write my next blog post we will all be able to hug each other? I guess not, so in the meantime I am sending you a huge virtual hug with this comforting Ras el hanout and chocolate chunk pumpkin bread.


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