Pork and Scallion Dumplings With Crispy Skirt Recipe

Love! I made it with frozen dumplings so I haven’t tried the filling but the lacy skirt was such a hit. Will make the full recipe soon!


Yes! Love this recipe. Everyone loved the lacy crispy skirt!


I made this from the video before this was posted! The wrappers were easier than I expected and these are delicious. Ham’s recommendation to pinch the wrapper together in the center and then pleating helps me a lot. I loved adding some black vinegar to the dipping sauce. tysm Sohla!!


I already had frozen dumplings but decided to try out the crispy skirt from this recipe. Followed the instructions from the recipe instead of the ones on the dumpling bag and it turned out fantastic! Only trouble is if your pan is spotty with the nonstick in some places like mine is; I had to use a spatula and dig it up in places so it wasn’t as pretty but still darn delicious.

riceanyoneWichita, KS05/21/20

The store only had square wonton wrappers so mine were shaped like wontons, but they tasted great! I subbed ground ginger in for fresh and got a little impatient and panicked when they didnt release from the pan as readily but absolutely worth the second try!

AnonymousSan Antonio, TX05/20/20

Sohla, I just want to let you know that all of the photos are beautiful and appetizing. I will definitely give this a try. Hopefully it will work with my well-seasoned cast iron because I don’t have non-stick pan.

AnonymousLong Island NY05/19/20

I just made these and they were amazing! Pretty straight forward, just time-consuming. Even the wrapping and pleating was easier than I expected! I doubled the pork for five people and mostly doubled the other ingredients too. It was really good, the ginger and scallions came through deliciously and the dipping sauce was a nice twist on regular soy sauce.


This was really simple and super easy and quick to make. The dumpling skirt adds a wonderful textural dimension to the fish.

AnonymousNew York05/16/20

Really really good , amazing , wonderfully delicious and soothing to make !!!
Omg , thanks for the recipe

inigoSpain 05/14/20

My rural NC store was sold out of all ground meat so I used country pork sausage and it still turned out great! My skirt wasn’t a lacy as the photos. It was solid all around without those little holes but it was still delicious!
I also used the skirt method on some good ol’ Trader Joes frozen dumplings and it was the perfect addition!


Made these last night with chicken (using the extra oil) and they did NOT look pretty (I didn’t try THAT hard but also I’m just bad at that kind of thing) But they tasted so good!! Already planning the next time I’ll be making these!


Delicious!! The only thing I would recommend is make sure your non-stick is pretty non-sticky. I had a pan that was quite old, so the skirt stuck. I found it was better to undercook than over-cook the skirt, because I found that it still held together nicely and I didn’t want to risk it being burnt!


it is just… not easy 🙁 and i’m not that pro a chef


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