Our 41 Best Zucchini Recipes, for Using up All Your Darn Zucchini

Despite this lineup of bright, summery-looking zucchini recipes, the fruit (yes, fruit) has a sad, watery reputation. Well, actually, the watery bit is really a fact: zucchinis are 94% H2O. But the “sad” bit is straight up gossip. Just because zucchini is inexpensive and abundant and you probably have at least a few rolling around in the fridge at any time between June and September, shouldn’t imply it’s not a valuable or worthwhile ingredient. No matter which cook method you choose—grilled, roasted, zoodled, stewed into oblivion—these zucchini recipes all prove that sometimes the best things take time. (Also: thyme). And if you simply can’t be convinced, make a loaf of zucch bread and call it a day.

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