One-Pot Kimchi and Squash Mac and Cheese Recipe

“This is a ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ kind of recipe, borne from isolation, scant ingredients, an oversupply of kimchi, and sheer hunger,” writers recipe developer and cookbook author Hetty McKinnon. “Yet this unconventional one-pot approach also happens to be one of the simplest ways to prepare mac and cheese. Starchy pasta cooking water mingles with melted cheese to create a creamy, gooey sauce that still feels light. Kimchi and sharp cheese are a natural pairing (have you tried adding kimchi to your grilled cheese?) and combine harmoniously with butternut squash to deliver that irresistible triumvirate of flavors: spicy, savory, and sweet. You could use sweet potato instead of squash, or even add a bunch of spinach or kale leaves to bring some greenery to the dish. Keep this dish vegetarian by using a vegan kimchi, but if you don’t have dietary requirements, any type is fine.”

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