Nokia 6700 Classic Review

The Nokia 6700 Classic might not be the most advanced mobile phone from Nokia or the most modern looking, but it achieves simple classic styling and useful features that make it quite appealing.

The size of the 6700 classic is 109.8mm x 45mm x 11.2mm and it weighs 116.5 grams, with a good sized 2.2 inch screen. You can choose to three different colours, which are Black, Chrome or Steel. There is a good sized keypad with low-profile keys. The Nokia 6700 really does have classic good looks, and the slight roundness in the sides gives it a hint of modern design.

The built-in music player supports MP3, MP4 and AAC music formats, and there is an FM Radio. Nokia have supplied the 6700 classic with 170 mega bytes of internal memory, and this can be increased to 8 GB by using a MicroSD Card. A really clever addition to the 6700 Nokia is the 3.5mm jack, so that you can add your own set of head phones.

Nokia have put a 5 mega pixel camera on the phone, and it has autofocus, an LED Flash and 4 times digital zoom. Although Nokia have not included some of the advanced features people know by name and look for such as smile shutter and face detection, but instead have decided to add in many behind the scenes features that make pictures look much better. These include having various capture modes and video and picture white balancing.

Application-wise the Nokia 6700 Classic has all the basics you would expect including calendar, organiser, to do list, alarm etc. However it also includes a flight mode and A GPS Navigation. Internet connection is super fast and you can use 3G HSPDA, Bluetooth, EDGE and GPRS.

In summary the Nokia 6700 Classic is a classic (hence the name) looking mobile phone with a good camera, decent music player and great internet connectivity.

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