Nine Must-Visit Restaurants in Rabat

Locals and tourists alike know Rabat, Morocco’s capital, not only for the landmarks and beautiful architecture that earned it UNESCO World Heritage Site status, but also for its excellent restaurants.

Rabat is the kingdom’s seventh-largest city, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Bouregreg River. Beyond its famous views and sites, however, many appreciate Rabat for its foodie scene that attracts visitors from all around the world.

A combination of different ancient cultures and nations influenced Moroccan cuisine over the centuries, a mix of Amazigh (Berber), Andalusian, French, Spanish, and sub-Saharan tastes.

Rabat offers a host of restaurants where you can find staple Moroccan plates and international dishes, made by high profile chefs.

Dar Naji

Dar naji
Dar Naji. Photo: Restaurant Dar Naji/Restaurant

Located in the center of Rabat and next to Bab Al Had, Dar Naji is a traditional Moroccan restaurant. With a Marrakech tea room style design, the restaurant caters to local and international clientele.

You can enjoy your meal in the company of family and friends while taking in the mesmerizing decor. While you’re at it, sip some refreshing Moroccan mint tea on the terrace while watching Rabat’s hustle and bustle from above.

Dar Naji offers a variety of delicious Moroccan plates, such as Rfissa, couscous, Bastilla, and a variety of tagines.

The traditional and authentic atmosphere paired with poufs and woven cushions will undoubtedly bring you under Dar Naji’s spell.

Le Dhow

le dhow
Le Dhow lounge-restaurant. Photo: Le Dhow/Facebook

Docked at the foot of the Kasbah of the Udayas, Le Dhow is a unique antique ship that serves as both a lounge and a restaurant, offering a marriage of culinary cultures and flavors.

Three decks compose Le Dhow, covering a total of nearly 600 square meters of operational surface. On the main deck, you can find the first dining room. The upper deck has a second dining room with a panoramic view of the Bouregreg River, the Kasbah of the Udayas, the Hassan Tower, and the Medina of Rabat. The lower deck is where you will find the bar-lounge.

The boat is a clever combination of comfort and the charm of an outdoor atmosphere, where you can have a savory meal and enjoy one of Le Dhow’s “hot and cold” juices.

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Le Ziryab

le ziryab
Le Ziryab. Photo: Restaurant Le Ziryab/ Facebook

Located in the heart of the Rabat medina, Le Ziryab is well-known thanks to its traditional Moroccan architecture and interior design.

The restaurant aims to revive an intriguing authenticity in a modern world. Fans know Le Ziryab for its excellent service and exceptional cuisine, being one of the largest restaurants of Moroccan gastronomy.

Le Ziryab offers Moroccan staples, such as salads, couscous, and tagines, with a cozy but grand ambiance. 

Golden Fish

golden fish
Golden Fish. Photo:

Located in the luxury hotel “Sofitel Jardin des Roses,” Golden Fish restaurant offers a refined seafood cuisine, prepared from the catch of the day.

A golden fish living in Chellah inspired this Rabat seafood restaurant. Its menu is designed to bring you recipes from all over the world.

Golden Fish offers a variety of delicious plates such as fish soup, crab cakes, and marinated swordfish, from products delivered daily to the restaurant’s kitchen.

This is the perfect spot to enjoy fresh Atlantic seafood, overlooking a gorgeous pool around an exquisite gourmet table.


Dinarjate restaurant in Rabat. Photo:

In the heart of the Rabat medina you can find the beautiful Arab-Andalusian style restaurant, Dinarjat. It offers a mesmerizing atmosphere under the light of flickering candles, lamplights, and against a backdrop of Andalusian tunes.

Many consider Dinarjat one of the best restaurants in Rabat for its traditional Moroccan cuisine and friendly staff. This is the opportunity to feel like you traveled back a couple of decades, experiencing a true, pleasant Moroccan experience.

Dinarjat’s menu is varied but offers staples such as couscous, perfectly cooked tagine, and delicious Moroccan tea. You can enjoy Dinarjat’s delights in a cozy, candlelit interior with the rhythms of Andalusian music.


Picolo’s. Photo:

Located on Boulevard Mohammed VI in the heart of Rabat, Picolo’s is an undeniably wonderful restaurant. Many know Picolo’s for its chef, who is a member of “Toques Blanches Lyonnaises” and formerly worked with Bocuse and Ducasse.

Picolo’s cuisine is rich in variety, inspired by many countries. It offers delights such as ostrich fillet in rosemary, chestnut macaroons, and other international specialties and Moroccan plates.

Picolo’s is a perfect place to enjoy your summer in the shade of lemon trees and by the fireplace in the winter.

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Restaurant in Rabat: Cosmospolitan. Photo:

Some 100 meters from Bab Rouah, facing the city’s ramparts, many consider Cosmopolitan one of the finest French restaurants in Rabat.

Locals and tourists know Cosmopolitan for its well-renovated art decor and French design, where the warm, welcoming service and French atmosphere attracts any guest.

The French restaurant offers refined plates carefully made by its chef. However, the desserts are the highlight of the restaurant, taking you on a journey through the wonders of modern French cuisine.

Enjoy your gourmet meal at a terrace table or in a French-decorated room.

Art Patio

art patio
Art Patio lounge-restaurant in Rabat. Photo:

Art Patio is a lounge-restaurant that brings the best of Spain to Rabat. Beautifully decorated with Spanish design, it gives you the Spanish experience in Morocco.

Art Patio provides guests with delicious and authentic tapas and savory Spanish beverages.

Along with its diverse menu, Art Patio offers its customers live performances from local Andaluz bands and Flamenco Dance groups in the lounge, to immerse guests in a rich Spanish atmosphere.


Zayyane restaurant. Photo:

If you’re a couscous, grilled meat, and tagine lover, Zayyane is the ideal Rabat restaurant for you.

Zayyane invites its guests to discover Moroccan cuisine in its purest form. Coming from a mix of Amazigh, Jewish, and Arab culinary traditions, Zayyane offers authentic and tasty recipes.

Zayyane established itself as one of the best restaurants in the Moroccan capital, as it immerses you in an oriental universe, thanks to its beautiful interior design. The zellige tiling on the wall as well as the intricately carved wood helps to strengthen the authentic image. 

This restaurant is the ideal place to enjoy delicious Moroccan plates made with love and served by friendly staff.

Rabat’s restaurants promise the city’s visitors gastronomic delight. With food ranking high on lists of the world’s best cuisines, your taste buds will not be disappointed with the flavorful and traditional or innovative plates these Moroccan restaurants offer in Rabat.

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