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Get to Know: Lourdes New York

Get to Know: Lourdes New York

Lourdes New York’s Andreas Aresti has been feeling fragile, and not just while under quarantine. “Fragility allows for progression,” he says. The designer’s personal style is what has guided his first women’s wear collection to be filled with visually striking multipocket denim, constructed leathers and cotton. His approach with cotton involves cutting up tanks and wearing them upside down reverting them into skirts. The color palette exudes natural tones of beige, blue and black. Lourdes, named after Aresti’s mother, is an homage to both his mother and his roots. Moving forward, Aresti plans to continue developing pieces that hold a long-lasting and sentimental value. 

WWD: Please introduce yourself. Where are you quarantined right now? How are you feeling? 

Andreas Aresti: Hello there, my name is Andreas Aresti, the designer of Lourdes. I am currently in Brooklyn, N.Y. I feel pretty optimistic about things progressing in the right way.

WWD: Given the circumstances, how have you found inspirations these days? 

A.A.: Fortunately for me, half of my inspiration is physical and the other digital. During quarantine I’ve watched more movies, listened to more music. It’s also forced me to revisit older inspirations, old samples, etc. 

WWD: Right now, are there any special mementos you stand by? What would you advise your future self and brand to be?

A.A.: I’ve always had a large book and magazine collection, I now have the time to fully appreciate them. I think the best advice I could give myself and my brand is to remain fragile. Fragility allows for progression. 

WWD: Moving forward, what are your plans for the future?

A.A.: We are planning to launch our e-commerce in August, and are approaching season two in a very forward way. We are trying to minimize sample development so we are working extra hard to only develop things that will be bought.

Get to Know: Lourdes New York

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