I Bought Too Many Avocados (as Usual)—But They Won’t Go Bad on My Watch

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For most of the last year, I’d been part of a CSA, and most of my produce was chosen for me. But I accidentally let the seasonal subscription lapse around the holidays, so I’ve been going to the store more, which means I’ve fallen into one of my very worst grocery shopping habits: Buying too many avocados at once, then watching them go from rock hard to overripe in what always feels like a blink of an eye. No longer!

This week I bought six and I have committed to eating all of them at their peaks. The easy answer for me is avo toast (a perfect meal), but I’m usually cooking for two and sadly not both of us want to eat avocado toast for dinner for nights on end (baffling). So of course I’ve been trawling the archives of this very site for recipes, leading me to a really fun variety of dishes. The avocado isn’t the star of any of the meals I’m planning, so it feels additive without being repetitive.

These vegetarian taco bowls have been on my radar as easy and weeknight-friendly, and I finally made them last night. I pressed the tofu in the 15 minutes I had between two meetings and ground the spices between two more, and putting it all together was extremely easy—and it was delicious. I will get a pot of black beans going for this saucy sos pwa nah before the work day ends today; and maybe I’ll prep the vinaigrette for these spicy, nutty brussels sprout tacos and the avocado-tahini dressing for this grilled broccoli (which seems like a winner for anything going ripe too quickly). And I have to admit I’m super intrigued by the wealth of avocado desserts we have in our archives: chocolate-almond fudge, chocolate pudding, and, on Epicurious, a frozen avocado cheesecake.

Please send me your avocado storage tips. And definitely let me know if you’ve had real-life success with an avo dessert. As always, I’m at sonia@bonappetit.com.

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