How to Make A Great Video For Marketing Purposes

The world of video marketing has exploded since 2008. This marked the year that a little known website called was purchased for $1.65 BILLION by the emerging online marketing giant known as You’ve heard of these sites right? This little acquisition changed the internet’s landscape forever.

Since starting their internet engulfment of many of the leading specialty sector sites, Google has taken on many mergers and acquisitions. Some of their most premier sites include: (a telecommunications giant), the mobile advertising giant, Feed-Burner in blogging arena, and I can see the shopping super-mogul being in Google’s arsenal someday.

I mentioned all of the above sites because they all use great videos for marketing purposes. In fact, there are over 12 billion watched on YouTube each month.

Over 4 million videos each day are viewed on auto-play, over 50% of YouTube channels contain comments from viewers and around 70% of YouTube’s traffic is traced to IP addresses outside of the United States. Although some videos are silly, child-like episodic things, there is also a growing sampling of videos online that contain relevant content for improving business practices or how-to’s about benefiting from a product or service.

I’d like to express how to make a great video for marketing purposes: The first item on your agenda should be to understand what is going to get your video found online and ranked in the search engines? Two things TRULY matter in this regard; the title you select for your video (a keyword loaded title is best) and the distribution outlets that your video is submitted on (this will increase exposure).

Other heavily weighted items that matter are the keywords that you select for your video (be sure to keep it to 2-4 keyword phases and one should be the title you choose for optimal SEO to occur), putting your contact information on the video itself (many videos are watched on cell phones or home television sets).

It’s been my experience in learning how to make a great video for marketing purposes that people definitely want to be told how to benefit from your product or service, but without actually telling them, your odds dramatically decrease.

Above all, just get out there and have fun with it. And don’t worry about making videos that don’t look all that great or that YOU THINK isn’t going to be well-received. After all, it’s not about what you think – it’s about getting into the mind-set of your potential leads and clients and presenting to them that you have the solution for their concerns. Fail fast… fail fast… fail fast and succeed!

Source by John J Gosselin

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