Guy Poreh — On Gold Lions, Cross Pollination, and G.I. Joe

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People of Marketing — The Podcast is a 30min conversation where
Xenia Muntean explores marketers’ career paths, inspiring
choices, embarrassing moments & the good and the bad of their
everyday lives. Real people with their real stories. The first
episode is an amazing discussion with Guy, who is one of our
strongest supporters and advisors. He’s a CEO and founder,
industry-leading strategist, and a rockstar marketer. He won a
Coveted CAROLINA award, he’s a former BBDO executive experience
as EVP of New Media, Silver + Partners’ Chief Innovation Officer,
as well as Senior Advisor on Digital for the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of Israel. Today, his company, Playground, helps startups
succeed in entering the US market. Listen to his story:

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