Grilled Mushrooms and Root Vegetables Recipe

“My great-grandmothers were Indigenous and mostly nomadic, which means lots of fungi foraging,” says Maricela Vega, the chef at Atlanta restaurant 8ARM and founder of Chicomecóatl, an organization centering the foodways of Indigenous Mexican diaspora. “When I serve lion’s mane mushrooms to vegans they sometimes mistake them for chicken, but they’re more affordable, better for the planet, and help strengthen your immune system! They grow wild during Georgia winters, but at-home cultivation kits are easy for those without forest access. I use pumpkin hot sauce, oil, and fresh herbs as a marinade, then bust out a baby grill or cast-iron skillet to get them nice and crispy.” This is a multistep recipe but perfect for long winter days when you want to flood the house with toasty, irresistible aromas. When you chop the mixed herbs, save the stems and throw them into the blanching water for the vegetables to add flavor.

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