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Here are some tips that help you recognize methods for analyzing information about your users. It’s nice to see that the efforts of our SEO are investment fruits by a number of visits up from a period to a period. The question is if that the real situation?? Is the number of visits for a particular phrase really mean that click on my results the same number of times? You can find the answer in Google Analytics. Pairing model say that when a visitor comes to our site through a traffic source and then comes to our site as a direct source.

Google Analytics will give credit to the source of the original movement that led the visitor and not the direct source. For example, if a visitor came from a particular phrase in organic promoting, like the site and keeps it at his Favorite folder, or every time he starts to type the website address in the browser and browser remember and complete the address – so every time the visitor return to our site (even he’s not really looking in Google) Google Analytics gives credit to the last traffic source that brought him.

Therefore, if the guy came from an expression search we promote, every time he appears at our site this phrase getting one plus and this way the visits for that expression are increasing. Incidentally,in all other traffic sources such as search engines (paid and organic), referrals from other sites and campaigns destroy all the source of previous traffic. A technical solution – creating a profile that contains only the first visits at your site.

How to do it?

1. Get in to Google Analytics with admin access, click on ‘Add new profile’.

2. Choose an existing profile domain. If you have few domains under Analytics account, select the domain you want and let a name like ‘New Visitors’ and click continue.

3. Now return to the main screen, click on the edit button of the new profile that you created. At this screen has 4 areas that can be edited: site info, targets, filters and access users.

We of course want to create a new filter that enters to the visitor’s profile that this is their first visit on your site. Choose a name who describes the filter, click on ‘Custom filter’, select Filter include, from Drop Down Select Visitor Type field and type in a new template field. Save and within a few hours it will begin to see visitors in their first visit. Such a profile also helps us to easily see what’s going on in our site at first visits, which landing pages of the leading, preferred content, a temporary stay and in fact, all the existing indexes software.

2. Located somewhere in the back? Google Analytics will send to you ‘Welcome conquers the summit’ mail.

One of the excellent features at Google Analytics called ‘Custom Alerts’, if, for example, you are promoting the term “Sanatorium” and you are located somewhere in the third page. At best you get a visit or two for a day. Add one alert that says “If there were 20 visitors a day, we want to send to us an email that tells us about the transition from page 3 to page 2. Add another alert to tell you when came 100 visits in one day and this alert for the transition from page 2 to the first page.

Not that I wish someone, but you should also set up alerts for a drop in the number of visits. So you will know immediately if there is a problem on the site, or at landing pages, or at words, etc… So you can treat it quickly before damages created.

How do I set alerts? At area ‘My Customization’ Click on Intelligence and of course on ‘Create a new alert’. Give a name and choose the time “day”, mark a check for email notification, at alert conditions choose Keyword and write the expression that you are promoting. Now all we have left to choose is when the alarm is activated and selected to run the alert when the visits will be greater than 10.

3. Conversion analysis for phrases with three or more words.

Most of Sites promoting focus on gold expressions. These expressions usually have one or two words, take for example the golden phrase “auto insurance” or for example “mortgage”. These expressions bring the most traffic and almost always the most conversions. But what a crazy competition they have… To enter the Top 10 places and stick to the first places is a challenge that can take a lot of time, money, links, good content and a lot of nerves! So instead of or in addition to our investment in gold expressions here some tip that will give your conversions push… Enter the words report that found at ‘Traffic Sources’ area and click on none paid. Now the report shows only organic visits. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, put at the filter in the following text:

( S | +).*( s | +).*

Now click Go These strange signs help us look for patterns within text and they more familiar under the shortcut name Regex (Regular Expressions). However, by using this line, you have asked from results to see search phrases containing three or more words. No More Gold Expressions and say welcome to your long tail phrases.

Do sort by the goals and metrics that definition and you’ll see what phrases bring you conversions. From here, you know what to do. Now take the successful words you found, execute them in your positions, find the potential and produce a new page or maybe use an existing page. Give 2-3 good links, change the Description to support you, maybe a new title also and you at first place pick conversion easily.

Good luck:)

Source by Lesley Fox

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