Fashion Popups Examples You’ll Want to Copy in 2020

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Become a member of our customer club and enter the giveaway to win a 1,000 kr. gift card. We draw a winner every month.

Instead of hosting a time-limited giveaway campaign, Kaufmann uses the incentive of gift cards to attract new signups and selects a winner among those every month.

Moreover, rather than choose a physical product that may be subject to taste, the company offers you a gift card to make sure that you come back to their store and, thereby, spend above the amount. Even if you don’t win, Kaufmann gets to market to you with relevant offers.

Kaufmann also frames its email popup around a sense of exclusivity by asking you to become a member of its customer club. You may not be a Kaufmann customer at this point yet, but if/when you do sign up, you’ll be one of the insiders.

So, even if the chance of winning 1,000 kr. store credit didn’t convince you, Kaufmann can still do that with its persuasive copywriting.

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