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I have been collecting emails for the past few months with a content locker, specifically users can’t see the results of their quiz until they enter their email.

So yesterday I decided to start to do some email marketing with the list I generated (around 10k). I knew the list wouldn’t be too high quality because I collected their emails somewhat unwillingly. So I threw the list into Debounce to check for invalid emails, around 2.5k were invalid.

So with this list of 7.5k emails, I sent out a newsletter at 3am – the software I use (Sendy w/ Amazon SES) sends at a rate of 14 emails/second so not all of them go out at the sametime. The results were not so hot. When I woke up at around 9am to check the results, 333 emails were opened. By around 4pm, only 361 emails were opened. So majority of the emails were opened in the morning (between 3am-9am). When I went to check the details of when the emails were exactly opened, these were the results:

This image is showing the time the email was opened and how many emails were opened up at the same exact time. So right when I sent it out at 3am, 30 people opened the email. Within the first 10 minutes of sending it out, 224 emails were opened….

So two questions for people with email marketing experience:

  1. Is it safe to assume that these 224 emails were opened by bots?

  2. Does this show that I have a crappy email list that is useless??

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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