Data at your Fingertips: Presenting the New Profile of Local Arts Agencies Dashboard

Earlier this year, Americans for the Arts released the results of the 2019 Profile of Local Arts Agencies, a comprehensive survey that tracks the budgets and programs of over 600 local arts agencies in the United States.

In August, we unveiled a newly redesigned interactive dashboard where users can view the results of the survey, compare findings to previous years, and filter results based on demographics making it easy to find the information needed for data-driven decisions.

Let’s suppose an employee wants to include money for professional development in the budget but first they need to persuade their supervisor. Using the dashboard, they can find other local arts agencies that provide financial resources for professional development in order to help make their case. They can then use built-in filters to further refine the results, for instance only looking at local arts agencies with similar operating budgets.

Once satisfied with their search, users can export the graphs as images, PowerPoint slides, or PDFs to share with their supervisors. Finally, a resource page provides additional tools and information about the topics included in the survey.

Here’s an example of the dashboard in action:


Stay tuned for a webinar that goes further into how to use the dashboard. In the meantime, try it out today and see what you discover!

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