Cooking for the Lazy: 5 Minute Biscuit Tiramisu

The greatest trait of “lazy cooks” is their ability to adapt. To quote my sister on this particular tiramisu recipe, “If you remove coffee from the ingredients list you could even call it a Black Forest cake.”

No truer words have been spoken–clearly, the “lazy” adaptive kitchen flair runs in our family. Despite my unconditional love for cake, each attempt at baking one from scratch felt like a game of Russian roulette. My cakes either turned out too dry, too bitter, or too runny. Then I adapted. I found an alternative for tiramisu to give you–and myself–a delicious reason to brag. 

Cooking for the Lazy 5 Minute Biscuit Tiramisu
Dip the biscuits in coffee, use either water or milk. (Photo credits: Asmae Habchaoui for Morocco World News)

The recipe checks all the boxes: You can count its ingredients on your fingers, and it only takes a quick five minutes to prepare.


8 individual packs of tea biscuits

1 boxes of whipped cream powder

1 large glass of milk

2 tablespoons of instant coffee

1 cup of cocoa powder

First, make your whipped cream by mixing the cold glass of milk with the store-bought whipped cream powder. Use an electric or manual mixer until you get a fluffy and smooth consistency. 

Make sure the utensils and container you use for the whipped cream are cold by pre-chilling them in the freezer for a few minutes at least. Even though I am an ardent defender of free-style cooking, a chill temperature is where I put my foot down. This step is key to reaching a fluffy consistency.  

Cooking for the Lazy 5 Minute Biscuit Tiramisu
Coffee dipped biscuits spread evenly in the container under a layer of whipped cream. (Photo credit: Asmae Habchaoui for Morocco World News)

Pro tip: Be careful, too much milk can ruin the could-like consistency we are reaching for.

Second, prepare a cup of black coffee–whether or not it is instant is your call. Then dip your biscuits in the lukewarm coffee and spread the moist biscuits in a single layer in the serving container. Lady fingers could also work. They might even taste better and can help us pretend we are going all-in with tiramisu. 

Spread a layer of the whipped cream on top of the biscuits, then repeat the two-step process. As the finishing touch, add a final layer of whipped cream and sprinkle some cocoa powder. Voila, your desert is ready!

Cooking for the Lazy 5 Minute Biscuit Tiramisu
Photo credits: Asmae Habchaoui for Morocco World News

Pro tip: Only add the cocoa powder when you are ready to serve, otherwise the whipped cream will wet the powder.

A cold orange juice would compliment this treat well, but I will probably have mine with mint tea like a good Moroccan.

Cooking for the Lazy 5 Minute Biscuit Tiramisu
Photo credits: Asmae habchaoui for Morocco World News.

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