Book Review – Google Speaks by Janet Lowe

For those who cannot get through the day without using Google to search out an item on the Internet, Google Speaks is an enlightening book to read. The story of Sergey Brin, a young Russian immigrant, and Larry Page, described as a typical American boy in most ways, this book is, also, the story of the founding of Google, a company designated by Time magazine in 2006 as the smartest company of the year.

Author Janet Lowe brings out some revealing facts about the young entrepreneurs, including the information that both Sergey and Larry attended Montessori elementary schools. The educational methods of Maria Montessori seemed to have shaped both Sergey and Larry, Lowe writes. The two gifted young men later met as Stanford graduate students, and what began as a college research project developed into an amazing company.

Lowe’s book details the growth of Google and tells about many of the people involved in the company’s phenomenal development. It also tells how the name Google came to be. Larry and Sergey intended to name the company googol which is the mathematical term for the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. However, someone misspelled the word as Google which Lowe terms a blessed blunder.

Among the many unique projects described in the book, is a collaboration between Google and NASA to provide high-resolution lunar imagery and maps to the Google Moon program. The book also tells about a copyright infringement dispute with the Authors Guild and others when Google began scanning and copying millions of books in library collections.

The Timeline and Glossary sections in the back provide excellent references for the reader. Google Speaks is a wealth of information. It is a book that everyone who enjoys using the Internet should read.

Source by Mary-Montague Sikes

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