Black Pepper Tofu and Asparagus Recipe

Never mind, I read too quickly the first time. Yes, grate the garlic and ginger. Oops.

AnonymousPortland, OR05/20/20

Should the garlic be minced and the ginger grated, or does it just go in whole?

AnonymousPortland, OR05/20/20

Used a low-sodium soy sauce and it came out perfect; the bloomed pepper added a nice spice to the tofu. The dish was easy to make and everyone cleaned their plate.


UNEDIBLE. You should specify what type of soy sauce. This was SO SALTY we had to throw it out. Couldn’t be eaten. Also, using olive oil for higher heat cooking? Also for Asian influenced recipes?

AnonymousLos Angeles05/19/20

Amazing combination of sweet and spice. Perfect light summer dinner with a kick. No I don’t think the recipe is super easy but definitely worth the work. Will make again!

AnonymousNew York 05/17/20

Abso love this recipe, but 1/3 of a cup of soy sauce and the salt was a bit too much for me and my dish ended up being wayyy too salty, even on a bed of rice (which was surprising bc I love a good dose of salt). That being said, the flavors were absolutely delicious and I will deffo be making this dish again, albeit with a little less sodium

AnonymousNew York City, NY05/16/20

This was fantastic—great dish for a black pepper fanatic! Pretty quick and easy too. Will one-hundo precent make again!!

AnonymousKansas City05/16/20

A few months ago I heard about a method where you freeze firm/extra-firm tofu in its liquid and then let it thaw in your fridge before using. I’ve now started buying tofu, freezing it immediately, and then putting it in the fridge so I always have some ready. It works great with marinades because it soaks up the flavor beautifully. I can also say that for this it made for a real nice meaty texture. It also really seems to firm up tofu, so I would recommend it for anyone who has had bad experiences of tofu falling apart while frying!

Apparently my boyfriend was a little skeptical when I said I was making green beans (it’s what I had!) and tofu, but he didn’t say anything at the time. Then as soon as he walked in and saw this all of his fears of a bland dish disappeared!


This was delicious! I subbed tapioca starch for corn starch. I used 1/2 the peppercorns, but next time will used the first amount.

VickizachStamford CT05/15/20

I used chicken instead of tofu, and arrow root for the breading, but it still came out wonderfully. Simple, quick, elegant, and tasty.


Was delicious but I definitely put too much pepper (I just ground it in a pepper grinder without measuring the peppercorns so was my own fault!). Overall a really easy tasty dish to mix up quarantine.


Seriously the “bloomed” pepper was genius! Quick,easy, flavorful, healthy (ish)! I used tempeh because that’s what I had on hand and it was delicious. I’ll maybe steam the tempeh beforehand next time too. Not sure if it ‘s the fault of the tempeh but the oil splatter factor was aggressive bordering on abusive so I’ll probably skip pre-marinading for next time (which were, rightly, not part of the instructions). If you’re not veg, I can imagine any thinly sliced or cubed protein would work well here. I added some cayenne and sesame oil for a bit more heat and flavor – didn’t use any garlic (i’m allergic; please I BEG YOU i love food but don’t think garlic in every single dish is necessary). Overall, really great weeknight option.

AnonymousLos Angeles05/13/20

Came out a bit salty but that’s probably because I lightly salted the tofu and asparagus as I was cooking and there was really no need for that. I’d probably cut down on the soy sauce to about 1/4 cup and reduce some of the pepper for next time. Otherwise excellent recipe.

AnonymousPortland, OR05/13/20

Great recipe, but I wish it specified what type of soy to use. I used dark (often light soy is specified in your recipes, so I thought it must be dark – although now I’m thinking there must be a middle) and it was too salty. Anyway, I will definitely try again some time!


Easy and delicious! I subbed green beans and it worked perfectly. I think you could easily put this sauce on any protein or veggie.


Fantastic –substitute in any crisp green veg. you like (broccoli, snow peas, green beans, etc.). Quick, easy, and delicious!

AnonymousRhinebeck, NY05/12/20

Perfect weeknight dinner! The measurements here were perfect; usually I find a lot of Asian-inspired tofu dishes too sticky or soupy, making the tofu soggy. The tofu remained nice and crispy in this dish. Pepper brought more than a good kick!

hallluHouston, Texas05/12/20

I’ve been a long time BA reader, but I’m a semi-recent vegetarian. I love when BA posts vegetarian recipes and this one is INCREDIBLE. I added green beans to the asparagus because I had them, an extra clove of garlic, and a lot of red pepper flakes (love spicy). I’m probably going to make it again next week and add even more veggies.


Super tasty and quick! Drizzled a little chili oil on at the end. Will definitely make again.

CrownunderLos Angeles05/12/20

Excellent. Easy to make. Big on flavor. Been on a health kick, I love BA, but more often than not a lot of butter/fat is involved in recipes, which is not ideal for me. This one is lovely, I substituted peas as I did not have asparagus. Thank you Sarah!

boopbrieSan Fransisco 05/12/20

this is super easy to make and ridiculously good.


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