Americans for the Arts Publishes Inclusive Creative Economy Glossary and Website

Americans for the Arts is pleased to introduce our new online glossary of terms and definitions related to the inclusive creative economy, and a full website of resources, information, and action related to developing an inclusive creative economy. With broad input, feedback, discussion, and consideration, this glossary seeks to provide a place to share language, connect with and circulate language used by partners and leaders in and outside of the arts, and provide learning about the full scope of the creative economy.

By compiling this language bank, we strive to acknowledge the full scope of where arts, culture, and creativity happens; create shared language for the creative economy and its practitioners; and encourage fluency for leaders to be able to navigate a variety of spaces and industries.

This resource is meant to be dynamic and will evolve. It is not designed to be conclusive, but rather act as an offering and platform for exploration and discussion.

We invite you to participate in ongoing ArtsU programming to explore these concepts and how they show up in your work.

Read more about our full inclusive creative economy plan in this recent blog post.

View the Glossary Online

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