47 Radish Recipes That Put the Rad Back in Radish

Radish recipes deserve a place in your heart—and not just because they have rad in their name. Before you roll your eyes at this underrated root, let us present our case. (1) You can eat the entire vegetable, making them one of the lowest waste out there. (Those radish tops? Use this guide to pesto ’em!) (2) The varieties are simply abundant. From vibrant watermelon to spicy black Spanish, there’s something for everyone. (3) Name a more versatile veg. They have a reputation for going raw or pickled, but cooked radishes are sweet and mellow and deserving of your attention too. (4) Anything that demands to be dipped in butter or oil and sprinkled with salt is going straight into our good books. And if you’re still looking for reasons to love them, try one of our favorite radish recipes below.

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