3 Affordable PPC Strategies

Although I knew from Day One that paid marketing strategies would yield faster results than free marketing strategies, it took me over a year before I built up enough courage to run my first PPC campaign. Like most people I heard all of the horror stories about people losing their shirts with PPC Advertising.

Here are 3 PPC Strategies that will yield you fast results, even if you are an internet marketing newbie.

The key to your success is finding an expert in a particular PPC Strategy, buying their course, and then following their steps exactly.

Mobile Marketing – This is a relatively new, fast-growing industry that really started to explode in 2010. Advertising on cell phones is easier than you might think. All you need to do is go to a mobile advertising website like Google AdMob, and set up your free advertising campaign. It is similar to Google’s flagship advertising platform, Google AdWords.

The best training program that I have found for someone who is new to the mobile industry is Adam Horwitz’s Mobile Monopoly. I spent $50 on my first mobile ad campaign and got 150 new subscribers on my email list in less than 2 hours.

YouTube PPC – Video is one of the most powerful forms of marketing online today. It is not a surprise that YouTube’s PPC marketing platform can be an asset to your overall marketing strategy.

I spent $46.54 on my first YouTube PPC campaign and I added 80 new subscribers to my email list in 2 days. I learned this marketing strategy from an internet network marketing membership website that teaches several different marketing strategies. The expert who teaches this marketing strategy is Dewayne Pyle.

Facebook PPC – Michelle Alpha’s Social Media Mastery course is a comprehensive training course. You can apply what you learn in this program to any PPC campaign and see an immediate improvement in your results.

Getting your ads approved by the large advertising networks is a big obstacle for home business owners. By following the advice in Michelle’s course I got all of my Facebook Ads approved the very first time.

Like most fear, my fear of paid advertising was unfounded. I developed that fear in my own mind based on what I heard.

Free marketing strategies like Article Marketing, Forum Marketing, and Blogging will eventually get you results if you remain consistent. However, they do not compare to PPC Strategies that will not only yield you much faster results, but will also free up something much more valuable than money… your time.

Source by Jeremiah Carstarphen

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