27 Farro Recipes For When You Need a Chewy, Nutty Grain in Your Life

We don’t like to play favorites when it comes to grains, but let’s just say these farro recipes are always in our rotation. The ancient grain is clutch for its rich, nutty flavor, and we’ll find any excuse to work it into our recipes—to add heft and texture to soups and salads, or to give its hearty, chewy character a place to shine in grain bowls and pilafs. It’s so flexible and forgiving, in fact that, we’ll even sub it in for risottos and porridges, and swap it in when other grains (like spelt, barley, and wheat berries, or even quinoa) are called for. The point is, it’s one of those versatile, easy-to-cook pantry items we’re always glad to have around. Here, a few of our favorite farro recipes for when the craving hits.

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