1,300+ Hypnosis Scripts and Resources

The world’s largest professional collection of free and premium hypnosis and hypnotherapy scripts from Hypnotic World.

Hypnotic World’s hypnosis scripts have been carefully developed since 2000 by experienced hypnotherapists for therapists helping clients with a variety of issues.

Our hypnosis scripts employ a range of techniques including inspiring metaphors and visualizations to reinforce a session’s hypnotic suggestions, along with advanced methods, such as anchoring and future pacing, to enable you to help your clients to achieve the greatest benefit from their therapy.

All the scripts below can be downloaded in text format, edited for clients and printed, and scripts are also available in PDF and Word formats.

New scripts are added regularly – see what’s new here.

You can purchase each script individually or sign up to access all of our hypnosis scripts at no extra charge. For details, see Membership Benefits & How To Sign Up.

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