🔥@jaybot’s Multidimensional $X,XXX/Week Success Story Newsletter Piece 🏆 The best ways to promote after lockdown from Leadbit


@jaybot’s Multidimensional $XXXX/Week Success Story Newsletter Piece


Ye know what?

Yours truly has successfully managed to bribe Lord @Jaybot to write his own success story piece in the newsletter.

(For real)

At this pace, the newsletter’s gonna write itself if yours truly manages to hand out enough bribes to innocent STMers on a weekly basis.


Yes, @jaybot wrote everything below.

Yes, he’s a talented fellow, well-versed in the arts of dealing “digital cocaine” newsletters on the corners of STM and launching successful, highly engaging threads.

He has that weird knack for writing.

What’d it take to bribe @jaybot?

Check by the end, ye might be surprised.

wink wink

Here goes, this is all @jaybot’s doing below:


He spends 336 hours a week on AM. He does so by having clones, robots, and/or living in several dimensions.

He also f*ing swears a lot and has recently infected our innocent vortex into swearing _again_.

“_You’re really f—in’ inspiring! I rarely use that word anymore but there’s no other adequate way to express my sentiments._”

This is undoubtedly because according to the legendary twinaxe: to be better at affiliate marketing, you have to be better than Jaybot and use: “_more swear words_.”

The epic journey of the ‘_Most Boring_’ thread reveals the secrets of Time Being An Illusion and Affiliate Marketers with Time Machines (wtf? I want one!)

But it’s not all weird fun and games. Jaybot also dives into his stats to show some entertaining musings on how 4 conversions on a $30 CC Submit offer performs better than 2147(!) conversions of a $0.05 SOI offer.


Whatever wacky shit Jaybot is doing, it seems to be _working_.

His latest unique update:

$1993 revenue last week.

$488 of it being pure, sweet profit.

Which of course, he will probably spend quality time “relaxing with hookers.”

But long-time STM vet, diplomat-senpai jumps in to tell Jaybot it’s time to: “get rid of those rookie numbers _and get into _big boy numbers_.” And then goes on to explain exactly _how to do that in the “Most Boring FA Thread You Will Ever Read… Guaranteed!”

—– End @jaybot’s piece

*wipes tear*

Lemme just say this.

The man got @vortex to swear (!), all the while banking in dollarydoos.

Talk about multidimensional talent.

This entire thread is golden, it’s sprinkled in gold.

Jump in and read his entire journey beginning-to-end and provide yer thanks, to everyone.

P.S. As for the bribes – it took beers, burgers, “The Last STM Backpack In The World” and ugh…”womenz”. More details to come in the future, perhaps.

>> As Jaybot would say, “click that sh*t now and get all the juicy details!” <<

🏆 The best ways to promote after lockdown from Leadbit 🏆


The world turns into normal life, BUT the trends in affiliate marketing are still the SAME!

Guys from Leadbit show several current trends with approaches and offers in those niches that show active growth – they are gambling, dating, webcam, games. You can check the best GEO and offers to promote in the article.

AND! Leadbit.com began working with the largest suppliers of quality content and mastodons for the web and mob industry. Soon you will get access to the main full and browser games in Leadbit.

Why do you need to test games promotion?

✅Games are white offers with an advanced target.

✅Have your site? Monetize traffic by yourself without fear of black ads from teasers.

✅Working with FB? Warm-up accounts with games and then promote adult or gambling.

Find your advantage in games with Leadbit Gaming!

Ping us:
💬Anna @annazhelez t.me/annazhelez
💬Dmitry @DmitryLeadBit t.me/DmitryLeadBit

New verticals that will help to diversify the sources of our leads and to fill our pockets with plenty of cash.
Choose CPL offers for some painless tests. With the help of them you can test niches, offers, GEO without spending much money and as a result, find a good combination. If you need really good conditions and professional support, Leadbit will be the best.

Sweet @Vortex Whispers of a Freaky Good FB Spy Tool…That’s Completely Free for the Next 100 Peeps, But Only For STMers


When ye hear from @vortex about literally anything being recommended, ye drop everything ye do and you go sign up ASAP.

There is no “if” or “but”.

Yours truly heard whispers of an FB spy tool so good, Amy recommends it wholeheartedly and even personally so.

A quick dégustation:

“More ads – a lot more than any other tool, worldwide…

  • Filter affiliate ads only or by vertical – Don’t waste your time finding what’s good

  • Preview and download affiliate pre-landers – including hidden ones

  • Easy to search and use – even your grandma can launch profitable campaigns now“

The problem?

There are less than 100 free (full access) spots left.

Considering I signed up just a minute ago too, that’s an extra -1.

**No clue how many more spots left there are, honestly.

But yer welcome.


>> Go grab this and touch these generous humans’ thanks button <<

BREAD Pitt’s Deadly Affiliate Skills Net Rs 80,000 in Real Estate Commissions


Listen, fellas.

We’re gonna have to keep preachin’ that ye branch out of yer typical affiliate networks and sky-high crypto and such payouts.

At least a little bit.

We’re talking about the scary “out there”.

The “mainstream”, if ye may.

_BREAD Pitt_ did just that, easily so.

Ad spend? Rs 500 for 21 leads
Papercashmoney? Rs 80,000 in a nice payout

According to my math, that’s about a bajillion % ROI.

Anywhoms, case in point?

For any ‘_mainstream digital marketing peasant_’, what Bread Pitt did might feel like pure wicked dark magic.

But for your _typical affiliate_?

It’s like a primal instinct.

Always looking for that angle.

In fact, for most mainstreams this is one of the most common mistakes.

What Bread Pitt did was he netted the juiciest, most highly targeted audiences while barely lifting a finger.

>> Go ye here and borrow Bread Pitt’s wicked magic <<

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