💰 $1847.50 Rev @ 39% ROI 🌟 Get $50+ FREE from TrafficStars

💰 $1847.50 Rev @ 39% ROI


A mega-simple case study shared by @calipso showing you how to run PIN submits on popunders.

And no, popunders ain’t dead. On the contrary, muy friend.

Offers, GEOs and landers generously provided by his affiliate manager.

Mainstream traffic CPMs at $0.95.

Targeted 2 carriers on Android.

Quick Stats, took a couple of days to get here, easy money:

  • Revenue: $1847.50

  • Costs: $1327.707

  • Profit: $519.79

  • ROI: 39%

A quick pro-tip summary from @calipso himself:

  • Prelanders are the key CRs

  • You need whitelists (as he put it, the bigger your whitelist, the louder the ring of coins in yer pocket…wise words)

  • The size of carriers matters

  • The size of your balls matters too because you needn’t be afraid to test

The offer, lander and TS settings are in-side.

Oh and btw, he didn’t even use a tracker.

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Free Profitable Campaign: Lazy Neo Wants to Give You Free Money


Basically, if ye don’t jump on this right now I’ll call you dumb.

And then I’ll jump in instead.


Lazy Neo is handing you, the newbie, a proven, tested, money-making offer.

Let me repeat that – a money-making offer working right now.

In other words, an offer that is bringing in Benjamins right now.

He has tested it and it converts, oh it converts every few seconds:

Payout: $0.30

Traffic: Propeller Ads Push

Creatives used: 1

Landing Page: Slot Machine

Cost: $88.637

Revenue: $198.30

Profit: $109.66

Why is he doing that?

Here’s why:

“the offer is so good that I maxed out the total cap for the offer very fast and now I have to wait for the quality check.

Then I thought “Why not share it with the homies

“My cap for the offer was $150 and it only took few hours to reach it.


You get:

Why we don’t see all the newbies sinking their teeth in ASAP is beyond me. It literally never gets any better than this.

You get a bib put on and then a campaign is pretty much set up for you.

Go NOW or I will.

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