🍳 Angle Brewing Secrets Inside

🍳 Angle Brewing Secrets Inside


Ever wondered how STM legends craft angles?

Yer in luck my friend.

When it comes to landers and angles, @vortex reveals what has worked way too well in the past and will keep on working in the future.

Learn how to apply psychological triggers to all your landers through web elements or copy. (all of these have already been discovered, it’s only a matter of how you choose to implement).

Oh, how ‘bout using sweeps landers not only for iPhones, but mobile content instead? (example lander showed)

Or how to take things a step further – putting angles…on the angles.

>> Absorb Angles HERE <<


Sweeps offers are EVERYWHERE, and you have a limited budget. So how do you know which ones to test?

Here’s a quick and easy strategy you can follow TODAY to tap into the gold…

1)Focus on CC Submit Offers.

Why CC submits? Two reasons:

  • Higher payouts = potential for higher profit margins

  • CC submits aren’t strict on quality, which means you can run as aggressively as your traffic sources allow!

2)Run with the Right Network.

All networks carry sweeps offers. But only one network is 100% laser-focused on CC Submit offers.

Seriously – CC Subs is ALL they’ve been doing – since 2017.

They have great relationships with the best advertisers, have exclusive offers, and pay fast.

The network is LetsCPA.com.

Other reasons for choosing LetsCPA:

  • High-converting offers in 40+ goes

  • Best fit for SMS, FB, pop, push and email traffic

  • Fast payments – even DAILY for trusted pubs!

  • *Special promo if you sign up through this newsletter. Within the first 2 months after you sign up, LetsCPA will add a generous bonus of $1k for every $10k revenue generated on any offers. Promo valid for 30 days.

BONUS: Secret Trick Few Affiliates Know

Did you know: Many CC Submit offers allow form prefills?

This means you can collect user info on YOUR OWN prelander, then pass this data via link parameters to the offer page when you redirect the user…

And voilà – the form fields would be filled in – you’re getting the same conversion rate – while building a FREE list at the same time – to monetize however you want, forever!

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Something we knew already; We Can Track mentions STM as #1 source for affiliates

Affiliate marketing tracking solution We Can Track has listed the greatest sources of information for affiliates that will boost your chances for success massively: “Others can teach you to avoid the wrong choices and mistakes they made.”

And by no surprise STM Forum is listed as #1 source for affiliates.

Legendary Pro-Tip Re Mobile Content


Speaking of angles, legendary @matuloo unveils one pro-tip that may change the way you promote mobile content offers…forever.

Just sayin…

And no, we can’t let this out anywhere near free-looting non-STM peasants.

>> Ye’ll just have to see for yourself here <<

Unusual Follow-Along Launched – Is This a New Trend?


What every YouTuber, every filmmaker, every freelancer, every sound guy, every small agency, and every marketer at some point in their career need are:

– Film FX

– Sound FX

– Paper FX

– All the FX

What this STMer set off to do is give tools to the gold-diggers and he started a follow-along documenting his entire journey.

A graphic designer/filmmaker by trade, he started an ecom store selling digital products. A marketplace, if ye may.

This is one smart way ye can bring in more dollarydoos than ye know what to do with.

The launch date? April 1, 2021 (getting close!).

Yes, the store link’s revealed inside.

Yes, they even have a pitch deck.

Will they launch in time?

>> Get the how, what, when where and why right here <<

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